The other day I wanted to beaut-ify my ‘happy place’ basically my bedroom, so off I went to Ikea and was wowed by their creative design. Table legs that screw into tables, so you can personalise legs with different tables. Wow, who the hell thought of that? Ok maybe not all that amazing.

What a massive place, as I was comparing it to the Tesco next door and Tesco came up short, and it was already a ‘big’ Tesco. After being amazed by the size of the beacon of blue and yellow, my first thought was ‘How much does it cost to heat this place?’ Then I thought ‘why am I so amazed by size’ Just to add, it was so big it blocked my cell phone signal.

So I walked through the showroom part of Ikea where they have different re-creations of what your bedroom, living room, and kitchen could be like if you gave Ikea a healthy proportion of your salary.

Sometimes, it felt like I was walking through a massive  open-plan hotel that I would be happy to pay for a nights stay as most bedrooms looked bloody comfortable. Also I didn’t have a good night’s sleep so to catch a quick 30 minute nap in one of their show beds would have been simply amazing.

Poor Habitat must be jealous.