About Phil

I'm an artist, conceptualist and lol-ist who connects lead with paper creating witty and conceptual images and messages. I eat, draw and sleep usually in that order, out of my little cave. I don't wash. My ideas come from dreams, social media, spontaneous conversations, tv, films and other popular culture. Feel free to Link to me if you think I'm wicked. And I'II keep trying to change the world one drawing at a time.
Zombie apocalypse
Your hair looks wonderful is the only response i need
Your body is a temple so destroy it
You look beautiful is my default response
You can tell peoples ages by cutting them open and counting the rings
Win a dream holiday to hell with 5 pound spending money
Which is better
When a hug is not a hug
Whats the coolest
What to do during a zombie apocalypse
Ultimate problem
Twerking i had the same experience riding the bumps on the bus
Tv programmes where celebrities are humliated and voted off
Things to enjoy
Things I like alot
Things I dislike
The whole oxygen thing is so tedious
The good thing about talking to urself
The good thing about talking to myself no awkward silences
The customer is always annoying
Thanks god it is saturday
Thanks for letting me make myself at home in your mind
Tell myself jokes to get a laugh
Talking to yourself I always win the argument
Survival guide
Shall we cancel the apocalypse
Say something funny by accident
Sarcasm is the answer to everything
Responding to people you dislike
Parellel universe
Opinion on cats
My love is eternal just like my hate
Monday to do list
Magic was real
Loud message here
Living thing
Life is what you make it
Let me open the door to your heart
Is it OK if I politely get inside your brain
In a galaxy far far away there was no life whatsoever. What did you expect hovercars and ray guns
If you find this do not return it to its rightful owner
I wish everytime I did something would feel like the first time
I wear the trousers but she buys them and tells me which ones to wear
I want to feast on your flesh no wait I will just have a sandwich
I strive to do very very little
I strive to do as little as possible
I respond to dislike with the sledge hammer of cold aloofness
I like it when intense debate turns in marathon rough sex
I like it when I do something accidently amazing
I like dieting but love eating
I am having a bad hair year
I am cancelling the day so go back to sleep
Hearing voices in my head is not a sign of madness but a sign of I have company
Good talker and good listener
Getting older
Fine line between love and hate
Favourite foods
Enjoy this laxative
Eat human flesh
Drink responsible then binge drink during the weekend
Do you want a hug from a
Do you mind if I politely and with respect eat your brains
Do you like tick boxes
Do something silly
Crossed oceans
Choose the end of the world
Choke on my sandwich
Best to be a consistent arsehole than a random arsehole
Best hug ever given
Best and worst in life
Be yourself what choice do you have
A hug a day keeps the doctor away
A friend in need is too needy
50 shades of grey
50 shades of brown
You need a…
Worse things to say at the apocalypse
When I need the best advice I talk to myself
The smell of fake self confidence
Thanks for letting me make myself at home in your mind
Take one of the following
Simple way to lose weight
Reward for finding this drawing
I casually wander the deepest recesses of your mind
Feel Good thats an order
You can have anything from me as long as its a hug
You are great
Weekend to do list
Vampires always
Todays to do list
To cut a long story short I dont like long stories
To cut a long story short – the end
Student to do list
Student menu
Something for you to roll your eyes at
My mind says no, my heart says no
My crane is bigger than yours
My answer to everything is roll my eyes
Making a smart tv
Imaginary friend
If I high five myself that is basically a clap
How to save money
How to save cash
How do you hug
Genuine hug equals best moment ever
Galaxy far,far away I ripped off a sci-fi intro
Formula for making money easily
End of the world to do list
Apocalypse to do list
A hug a days keeps the emotional distress away
50 shades of bordeom
Sleepy to do list
Weekday maze
I got it together with my imaginary friend in my happy place
A hug can say so much with so little
Hugs and love graph
Hugging machine
This is a meringue not a turd
Roses are red violets are blue i also like stating the obvious
It’s about the winning not the taking part
I wont change anything about you said one transformer to the other
Happy sodding monday
Wake up and go to sleep to do list
Summary of Tuesday
It came from the deepest, darkest depths to hug you
I went to ikea to improve my happy place
I want to take things further with my imaginary friend
I told my imaginary friend to get lost
I like romantic meals in bed
How are you
Don’t go there girlfriend
Copy,paste,unfreeze keyboard attachment
Apocalypse switch
In a galaxy far, far away i decided to turn back home
Eat the yummy bacon flowchart
Confidence is masking your low self esteem confidently
An apple pie per day keeps the dentist in business
Profound to do list
Really lazy to do list
Affection wheel take it for a spin
My life dragged to bin
Confidence is masking your low self esteem confidently
No tattoos here please
New year resolutions
Hugging is the only way I combat
Hugging is my only physical activity
Happy new year
First times you remember
ET invasion
Dustmite bites the dust
Todays to do list
The Notebook
Sci fi shit
Renovate my happy place
Never Judge a book by its cover
Naught micket
More thought into my ‘happy place’
Ingredients for the best movie
How I think
Healthier lifestyle
Happy place
Happy bday to me
Feelings towards each day of the week
Feelings towards each day of the week v2
Far far away
Everything I do I do it for me
Copy and paste attachment
Combine badminton and art
Bedsit sweet bedsit
A friend in need is annoying
Words i learnt today
With great power comes great battery life
Why are the voices in my head always female
The voices in my head are singing
The excuse I gave was 3 in a bed was cosy
Terminator 5, based on a true story
Sometimes I cannot breathe
Prince marries a princess
Organise your life with this
My mind say No
My heart says this, my head says that
Love thy self or don’t, up to you
Love thy neighbour unless they are irritating
It’s good to share, even better to keep
I’m not clumsy everything just gets in my way
I watched your meltdown now for the dvd extras
I need two people in bed minimum
I knew she was the one when I saw her avatar on second life
I felt frustrated so I decded to take a walk in GTA
Home sweet home
Happy christmas
Distance makes the heart grow fonder
Distance makes the heart cheat
Christmas wish list
A girl needs to be careful not to make eye contact
A disturbance in the force or was it the chicken dinner
Are you male or female
Time to be a better person
My new flip smartphone with hinges
I phone 7 prototype
In a galaxy far far away they had one cell orgasnisms nothing to write home about
My names is not luke and what is this about the force
Sometimes I let my bowels decide what I do next
I have watched your tantrum now for the prequel tantrum the beginning
Would a girl be impressed
Eat my shorts
Worst thing about being old rather than a baby
Out of space
Interstellar film
Eat my pants
Ultimate todo list
Time is relative
This is high art
Social media is the ultimate contradiction
Serial killer dating
Scream from somewhere
Meaning of life
Man judged by his company
Life in the womb is great
I’ve got god and the devil on speed dial
I won’t make it through the day
I can’t suffer in silence
Going to the fridge
Finding your soul mate
Cute voice for cute pets
Clean my room, you will said Yoda
Sometimes I look at my girlfriend all majestic
Age is not an issue because I lie about it
I like romantic walks to the bedroom
Restraining order
Phasers to stun,swell and burst
Embarrassing uncle
Too much information
Spot the difference
The best chinese all you can eat buffet was in the womb
Cosmetic lies and illusions
I can work independently
Low level telekinesis is a load of balls
Chasing my girlfriend because she was eating a burger
Sometimes i like my girlfriend all majestic
Selfies are the new mirrors
I need to be hugged so hard I fart
Headbutt the table now
I hate it when hot pepper sauce massages my bowels
Win this cow
Old fashioned photo sharing
I wouldn’t touch them with a barge pole
I like scribbling and areas of white
I like being hugged so tight I fart
How to feel confident flow chart
Hierarchy of monsters
Follow the yellow brick urine trail
Best moment in life
Bang head here
Are flowcharts shit!!
Take out your anger here
Obsessive passion and complete indifference
Twitter compliment
Recession busting toilet paper
Why would you want to be here maze
Invisible man orgy
Have a wicked weekend
Wheres wally
Turd maze
Open the door to the cannon
My share of the pie chart
Is the glass half full half empty
A realistic UK weather report
Set phasers to turn inside out
Loving things off centre
Wise old sage say i am not old but worldly
Thanks god its friday
Take my body soul and mind but not my socks
Meaning of life in my back pocket
Confidence is a figment of your low self confidence
Brash confidence
Home to work to home
Middle of sex
Google when I was young
Identical twins
30 years of experience
Free hugs
I think google has more answers than god
Terminator system error
Middle of nowhere maze
People who hate pie charts
Naughty yoda
One way hug is the worst hug
Brain to paper
Far far away
Cat to do list
Free cuddle
Unequal maybe
The good thing about constant failure
Important for a man and woman
Important for a man and woman 2
Crosswords are shit!
Big questions answered 2
Finding a needle in a haystack alternative saying
Happy weekend
Time to fucking party, happy weekend
Is it a rabbit, duck or bottle of half drunk lager
The dark rainbow needs to be contained
Big questions answered
Phone for a takeaway workout
End of the rainbow
The Sandwich workout 30 reps per day
Bloody simple home to work to home diagram
Superman masturbates again
Jobs for spiderman
Maze bedsit
Maze leading to 1 bed bedsit
Terminator’s checklist
I like watching your meltdown cant wait for the meltdown 2
Infinity shit!
Things I can’t resist ever!
My skinny jeans look like a leotard
Terminator to do list again
I like scribbling and staring
Insert over enthusiastic message here
Wound colouring book image
The simple way to diet
Choose one
To do list 3
I’ve watched your meltdown can’t wait for the prequel
Do you hate flow charts
Vommit colouring book image
Turtle eco town-house
Posh to do list
Turd colouring book image
Here’s your breakfast!!
Wise old chinese man says
You have offended my father!
How to diet
Ultimate bloody to do list
Transformers movie synopsis
Question – How do you hug
My other life journey