Talking to myself again
Fashion conscience Terminator
You will pay for your insolence,cash or card sir
I want ur body, soul and liver
I want ur body,soul
Harry potter bed
Selfie, look good
Shit hit the fan
Water into wine
My imaginary friend 2
My imaginary friend
Social media
Monster from hell
The world is so screwed up
Light saber
Big macs
Social media gets me up in morning,sleep gets me down at night
Female pop albums
Facebook would suck in real life!
Polite terminator
I use my 30+ years experience on a ‘never basis’
Perfectionist one day
Roses are red, alternative saying
Sleep walking
Loving something about you, whatever that is
To do list gif
In a galaxy far far away there was a blood war
Marriage: annoying that one special person
The force is just low level telekinesis, big wupp
Batman todolist
Going to Mordor to buy a 2 bedroom cave
The force is just low level telekinesis, nothing to shout about
I want to go to Mordor and setup a ring making business
Go to deathstar to kick some scifi butt
Terminator Genisys review
The Hulk and Bruce Banner to do list
The king and queen divorced and lived happily ever after
I woke up and thought, not again
To do list
I need a second player to play mind games with
To do list
Dear google letter
Dear god letter
Forgive me google for I have sinned
Commuting is like going to hades and back
I went back in time to hug Jon Connor
I’m hungry, story of my life
How to stay cool?
Can I get Wifi in your backside
Are you good? next question please
Stages in life
Life stages
Bacon or burger? – moral dilema
I wish I could have 3 wishes again
My brain is working overtime to entertain you
Brain is working overtime to entertain you
I used to be an idealist, then conformist then cynic
I need to say something profound and deep give me a while this might take a minute
How insignificant we are and how popstars will live on forever
Loving everything about you
Seeing a girl and knowing you are working with her all day
Shred it all up and leave nothing behind
My thought are useless pile them up and mark them useless
My mind has gone blank – story of my life
I have got a feeling you aint shitting me
I need to be like everyone else less like me
Karma, lottery ticket
My life right here right now
I walk past beautiful girls and think shhhiiittt
How to be a good person
Chocolate – story of my life
Being tired – story of my life
Youre my favourite sociopath
Youre my favourite psycho killer
I am not working I am twerking
The best part of the day is the end
Dear Karma the worlds been bad please destroy us all
Wanna see something f**ked up, no nor do I!
Abused and tortured
I woke up this morning and thought bollocks
Evil doesn’t sleep
You are my one and only, and also one of many
It’s a bird, it’s a plane no it’s a bird
I’m going to drink my problems away then piss them away,then finally vomit them away
I’m going to drink my problems away then piss them away
Boredom is proportional to my will to resist the boredom
The stages in life
Dear karma please put me at the top of your list
I tell myself jokes so I always get a laugh
I need to identify..
How many times can Liam Neeson get taken
Your brain looks delicious and well presented
Open plan maze
My favourite hug is a genuine hug
Music takes me to a wonderful place where I dont have a care in the world
Best time of the day – before I get up
I like speaking to my inner self, she so gorgeous
I remember minor crap and forget important stuff
I don’t get drunk I get amazing
I hope in the afterlife they have good wifi connection
I let my mind go blank all the time, it’s a talent I have!
Buy more post-its, asshole
Set phasers to fun!
With great power comes great battery requirements
The time is get a grip o’clock
Im going to the toilet to piss my problems away
Words I have learnt
Monday sunrise
Reluctant cyclops slime monster
I have a hanckering for human flesh
Places to go in London
Hugging you gives me the best estimation of your boobs
You’re my favourite head trip
I felt as free as a bird, until I got up
You’re my favourite psycho
Sitting chilling on my sofa
In the not too distant future I got slightly older
In space no-one can hear you shag
Hugging is a good medicine for not hugging
One little piggy, fairytale
What work meetings are really for?
Funny summary of art movements
What are work meetings really for!
The time is ‘I’m so bloody late’ O’clock
Choose one – chicken for a life-time
The xenomorph hugged me,then ate me
I get distracted by pretty girls, dinosaurs and pretty girls
Open your heart, but don’t cut it open
To do list – really really lazy
It was love at first sight when I saw her Facebook profile
This little piggy went to market, to get sold as bacon sandwiches
This little piggy went to Aldi
This little piggy went to get a pulled pork sandwich
I need a US pulled pork sandwich flown in now
Who’s the fairest of them all, bathroom mirror
I hate mind games, as I always win
I want to get in your head, but the hole is too small
Maze to nowhere
The voices in my head say I’m great ,who am I to disagree
Your fav music while in the car with not a care in the world – priceless
In a galaxy far far away there was basically darkness, and then more darkness. How bloody predictable!
I want to get inside your head, then out quickly
I want to get inside your head
Listening to music – back in a week
Beggars can’t be chooser, until they decide to smack your face
I only really use my brain for entertaining u
Ruthless sarcasm
Note to arseholes
Set phasers to sarcasm
Set phasers to cook the chicken
Set phasers to jellify with commit and diarrhoea inducing
In the not too distant future, I got slightly older and that was it
Humans only use 10% of their brains cos 90% is full of crap
Humans only use 10% of their brains
Nothing to do list
Love yourself or don’t bother, your choice!
Note to world
Fifty shades of grey, summary
Please god let me not get indigestion from the overcooked chicken
I wish I was confident at every crucial moment in my life past present or future
Chill out – to do list
(Insert text here)
Get hugs or die trying!!!
Relaxation to do list
I’m pissed off and frustrated and I’m just getting out of bed
Dear God letter from phil
Good thing about talking to myself, no awkward silences
I need to have a lie down I’m exhausted from getting up
Hugging you is a great excuse to check out your bod
Loving the moment between a new relationship and a new girlfriend
Loving the moment between fasting and binge eating
I use 100% of my brain to think of bullshit
In a galaxy far far away
Lets have a how to have a meeting, meeting
I use my iniative to get out of doing work
How to be a good person?
Something is happening in my bowels
The darkness was all engulfing…obviously
Worse things to do 1 minute before the apocalypse
What’s ur life about?
Horror Movie Characteristics
I wish I could exist in some moments forever and some I could forget in a second
Eating is only way out of my diet hell
I wish I could hibernate Monday to thursday
Insidious 3 review
Et face time home
Butt,turd,boob mugs
StarWars was a distant memory
My mid life crisis is coming on nicely
In a land far far away there was more land for redevelopment
Set phaser to painful death with melting eyeballs
love you hate you
are you ok
Hugging to do list
And for my next trick: sarcasm
In a galaxy far far away
Whose the fairest of them all magic mirror!
Places I want to be,right now
Half day wednesday
Squeeze the shit out of this cloud it will make you feel better
Terminator spoke to his girlfirend
Sometimes I wish a girl would treat me like a piece of meat
For my introduction I dont need no introduction
I wish I could time travel from Monday to Friday. So I don’t experience Mon,Tues,Wed,Thurs
I sold my soul for a discount price
Scrouging the finer things in life
Scrounging the finer things in life
I work well in a team of one – me basically
Alien facehugger misjudgement
Thanks Google for giving me huge amounts of knowledge to make me look cleverer than I am
Outwardly I’m shy, inwardly I’m Batman
Hate Sundays
How to find love
When asked to describe yourself – don’t want to be too cocky or undersell yourself
Watch out when you stare defeat in the face he has bad breathe
I’m going to my happy place, don’t disturb me unless it is bad news
Batman vs superman fight
You are humanity’s last hope – no pressure
It was love at first touch with the visually impaired
I saw her avatar, and it was love at first sight
Abbreviation is difficult to abbreviate
How do you hug?
Choose your character?
Why are disaster movies always a disaster
To do list – ignore everything on your list
In a galaxy far, far away I got pissed. I didn’t remember any of the futuristic adventures I had!
Are you OK? Tick boxes!
Facehugger love at first sight
You are not the one, sorry to get your hopes up
Who is the fairest of them all
How to survive a zombie apocalypse
How to be Batman on a budget
Best talk
Why I dislike Downton Abbey!
Labelling each day of the week
Internet on off plug socket
Who you want to be – tickboxes
How to kiss – quick guide
Avengers film inconsistencies
How to draw?
Please karma destroy (insert name here)
In a galaxy far,far away I got pissed,what were u expecting an action-packed sci-fi story
How not to get facehugged by a facehugger
Eating in is the new eating out
Black is the new black
Batman todo list
Batman to do list
Sometimes I think Batman just needs a hug
I wish to thank the person that brought us meat
My middle finger is so efficient at describing my contempt for other motorists
The evil plant is the root of all evil
When the voices in my head tell me I’m crazy,I listen
Things I’m scared of
I like romantic walks on my own
I am Batman
Every new day is a chance to make things worst
How to impress a girl checklist
I hate Mondays apart from bank holiday monday
The customer is always…
In the not too distant future,I got older
Superman todo list
I’m such a conceptual forward thinker , I always catch the bus on time
Batman to do list
How to impress a girl ?
Laziness is the new work ethic
Are you OK ?
Can I class eating as my fav pastime
Zombie apocalypse
Your body is a temple so destroy it
Ultimate problem
Twerking i had the same experience riding the bumps on the bus
Tv programmes where celebrities are humliated and voted off
Things to enjoy
Things I like alot
Things I dislike
The whole oxygen thing is so tedious
The good thing about talking to urself
The good thing about talking to myself no awkward silences
The customer is always annoying
Thanks god it is saturday
Thanks for letting me make myself at home in your mind
Tell myself jokes to get a laugh
Talking to yourself I always win the argument
Survival guide
Shall we cancel the apocalypse
Say something funny by accident
Sarcasm is the answer to everything
Responding to people you dislike
Parellel universe
Opinion on cats
My love is eternal just like my hate
Monday to do list
Magic was real
Loud message here
Living thing
Life is what you make it
Let me open the door to your heart
Is it OK if I politely get inside your brain
In a galaxy far far away there was no life whatsoever. What did you expect hovercars and ray guns
If you find this do not return it to its rightful owner
I wish everytime I did something would feel like the first time
I wear the trousers but she buys them and tells me which ones to wear
I strive to do very very little
I strive to do as little as possible
I respond to dislike with the sledge hammer of cold aloofness
I like it when I do something accidently amazing
I like dieting but love eating
I am having a bad hair year
I am cancelling the day so go back to sleep
Hearing voices in my head is not a sign of madness but a sign of I have company
Getting older
Fine line between love and hate
Favourite foods
Enjoy this laxative
Eat human flesh
Drink responsible then binge drink during the weekend
Do you want a hug from a
Do you mind if I politely and with respect eat your brains
Do something silly
Crossed oceans
Choose the end of the world
Best hug ever given
Best and worst in life
Be yourself what choice do you have
50 shades of grey
50 shades of brown
Worse things to say at the apocalypse
When I need the best advice I talk to myself
The smell of fake self confidence
Thanks for letting me make myself at home in your mind
Take one of the following
I casually wander the deepest recesses of your mind
Feel Good thats an order
Weekend to do list
Vampires always
Todays to do list
To cut a long story short I dont like long stories
Student menu
Making a smart tv
Imaginary friend
If I high five myself that is basically a clap
How to save cash
How do you hug
Genuine hug equals best moment ever
Galaxy far,far away I ripped off a sci-fi intro
Formula for making money easily
End of the world to do list
Apocalypse to do list
A hug a days keeps the emotional distress away
50 shades of bordeom
Sleepy to do list
Weekday maze
I got it together with my imaginary friend in my happy place
A hug can say so much with so little
Hugs and love graph
Hugging machine
This is a meringue not a turd
Roses are red violets are blue i also like stating the obvious
It’s about the winning not the taking part
I wont change anything about you said one transformer to the other
Happy sodding monday
Wake up and go to sleep to do list
Summary of Tuesday
It came from the deepest, darkest depths to hug you
I went to ikea to improve my happy place
I want to take things further with my imaginary friend
I told my imaginary friend to get lost
I like romantic meals in bed
How are you
Don’t go there girlfriend
Apocalypse switch
Eat the yummy bacon flowchart
Confidence is masking your low self esteem confidently
Really lazy to do list
My life dragged to bin
Confidence is masking your low self esteem confidently
Hugging is the only way I combat
Hugging is my only physical activity
Happy new year
Todays to do list
The Notebook
Sci fi shit
Renovate my happy place
Never Judge a book by its cover
Naughty mickey
Ingredients for the best movie
Healthier lifestyle
Happy place
Feelings towards each day of the week
Feelings towards each day of the week v2
Far far away
Everything I do I do it for me
Copy and paste attachment
Combine badminton and art
A friend in need is annoying
How to diet
Transformers movie synopsis
You know you’re old when you have special trousers
Transformers simple yet acute movie summary
Golden turd
How often do you watch tv
Is it a bird
In a galaxy far, far away
Sat nav
Once upon a time I bothered with fairytales
If I was paid my weight in gold I would go on a high calorie diet
I like stating the obvious-Loud Bang
Follow your dreams or don’t bother
Rainbows are too pretty for their own good
I made you a sandwich instead of giving you foreplay
Exercise formula
Do you like tick boxes
Noughts and crosses – infinity game
Silent bang
Once upon a time I finished a story I started
Spideman alternative kiss
Death and destruction
The face hugger was less effective on the back of the head
I made Superman into a high powered sledge