About Phil

I'm an artist who frequently connects lead with paper creating witty, amusing and conceptual drawings, illustration and comics. That about sums it up. I eat, draw and sleep usually in that order, out of my little cave. My ideas come from dreams, tv, conversations, films and other popular culture I can get my hands on. It can be hard for artists to get our work 'out there' in the big wide world so if you enjoy my stuff, please share. If you really, really like my artwork, link to me and I'II link back provided I like what you're all about. Thanks for checking out ma shit, you wicked person! :)
Sometimes I look at my girlfriend all majestic
Age is not an issue because I lie about it
I like romantic walks to the bedroom
Restraining order
Phasers to stun,swell and burst
Embarrassing uncle
Too much information
Spot the difference
The best chinese all you can eat buffet was in the womb
Cosmetic lies and illusions
I can work independently
Low level telekinesis is a load of balls
Chasing my girlfriend because she was eating a burger
Chasing my girlfriend because she was eating a burger
Sometimes i like my girlfriend all majestic
Selfies are the new mirrors
I need to be hugged so hard I fart
Headbutt the table now
I hate it when hot pepper sauce massages my bowels
Win this cow
Old fashioned photo sharing
I wouldn’t touch them with a barge pole
I like scribbling and areas of white
I like being hugged so tight I fart
How to feel confident flow chart
Hierarchy of monsters
Follow the yellow brick urine trail
Best moment in life
Bang head here
Are flowcharts shit!!
Take out your anger here
Obsessive passion and complete indifference
Twitter compliment
Recession busting toilet paper
Why would you want to be here maze
Invisible man orgy
Have a wicked weekend
Wheres wally
Turd maze
Open the door to the cannon
My share of the pie chart
Is the glass half full half empty
A realistic UK weather report
Set phasers to turn inside out
Loving things off centre
Wise old sage say i am not old but worldly
Thanks god its friday
Take my body soul and mind but not my socks
Meaning of life in my back pocket
Confidence is a figment of your low self confidence
Brash confidence
Home to work to home
Middle of sex
Google when I was young
Identical twins
30 years of experience
Free hugs
I think google has more answers than god
Terminator system error
Middle of nowhere maze
People who hate pie charts
Naughty yoda
One way hug is the worst hug
Brain to paper
Far far away
Cat to do list
Free cuddle
Unequal maybe
The good thing about constant failure
Important for a man and woman
Important for a man and woman 2
Crosswords are shit!
Big questions answered 2
Finding a needle in a haystack alternative saying
Happy weekend
Time to fucking party, happy weekend
Is it a rabbit, duck or bottle of half drunk lager
The dark rainbow needs to be contained
Big questions answered
Phone for a takeaway workout
End of the rainbow
The Sandwich workout 30 reps per day
Bloody simple home to work to home diagram
Superman masturbates again
Jobs for spiderman
Maze bedsit
Maze leading to 1 bed bedsit
Terminator’s checklist
I like watching your meltdown cant wait for the meltdown 2
Infinity shit!
Things I can’t resist ever!
My skinny jeans look like a leotard
Terminator to do list again
I like scribbling and staring
Insert over enthusiastic message here
Wound colouring book image
The simple way to diet
Choose one
To do list 3
I’ve watched your meltdown can’t wait for the prequel
Do you hate flow charts
Vommit colouring book image
Turtle eco town-house
Posh to do list
Turd colouring book image
Here’s your breakfast!!
Wise old chinese man says
You have offended my father!
How to diet
Ultimate bloody to do list
Transformers movie synopsis
Question – How do you hug
My other life journey
You know you’re old when you have special trousers
Lazy to do list
Can you make a 3D printer from a 3D printer
Annoted life journey
Indecisive terminator
Turd or meringue you choose
How do you feel right now,this minute
Slackers to do list
Loud shhhh!
Noughts and crosses infinity game
Simpliest maze ever
Quarterly life crisis instead of a mid life crisis
My life journey
Dieting checklist
Large titles to do list
Transformers simple yet acute movie summary
Thoughts on the Transformers movie
Thoughts on the Twilight series
I haven’t got the x factor and i don’t care
Kitten to do list
The diamond turd appeared from nowhere
Join the darkside – membership £50 per month
Organised to do list
Life checklist
lazy arse to do list
Is this a threesome
Insert loud message here
Golden turd
A disturbance in the force
Profound to do list
Zero to do list
Relaxing to do list
Ultimate slacker’s to do list
My life journey
The hulk hated mazes
Insert joke here
Signpost 2
Signpost 1
Cat to do list
Easy maze
Minimalist maze design
Nicole scherzinger
Roses are red
Tetris sex
Terminator priorities
Are you drunk
Boob maze
Join the darkside and save
American pie
I have watched your meltdown
Loving the moment when a peck on the cheek turns into sex
How often do you watch tv
Do you like pie charts
Ultimate pie chart
Open plan maze
Open plan maze
Sci fi
Pinch me please
Not too distant future
Is it a bird
In the not too distant future
Final insult
Bird outfit
In a galaxy far, far away
Sat nav
Tick boxes
Maze solution
Once upon a time I bothered with fairytales
Digital Frustration
Google maps
Things that are always beautiful
Treasure map
Why humans exist
30 sec meal
Pituitary gland
Correct way
Hugging jobs
Its not your fault
Awkhard hug
Best time ever
Original beginning
Travel back in time
Happily ever after
Meanwhile somewhere else something was happening
All the way
I never noticed my feet
Charity shops
Sci fi shit
Virtual pat on the back
In a galaxy
Insert message
Meaning of life
Coffee in the face
Thoughts at gym
Big questions
Best things in life
Same problems on Earth
To do list
Phasers to defrost
Bacon is the only weapon against hunger
Shit happens
Tactics for come dine with me
Use the force, luke?
Terminator to do list
Lochness monster,yeti and abominable snowman find each other
Routine to do list
Monster trying on glasses
Dictators to do list
Wishing pillows were the only weapons in war
My nose is wet with desire
The snake gave me a thorough hug
I’II be back maybe, said terminator. I have shit to do
Do you like tick boxes again
Been sick on your shoes, I have. Forget I was ever here, you will
Let me get some popcorn before I watch your meltdown
If the yeti found the lochness monster that would be the biggest coincedence ever.
Hugging should be prescribed on the NHS
If variety isn’t the spice of life is it curry powder?
Do you like tick boxes
If I was paid my weight in gold I would go on a high calorie diet
The good thing about choking is the hiemlich maneuvr feels like a back hug
Instead of taking a selfie just take a picture of something which isn’t you
I like stating the obvious-Loud Bang
Are you a hero or villian
I wish apocalypses were gentle and generally more pleasant
Let’s give the beggar a makeover
I have forgotten the biological function of breasts
Follow your dreams or don’t bother
Rainbows are too pretty for their own good
I’m too tired for foreplay but up for full blown sex
When you face defeat,watch his bad breathe
Ultimate pie chart
Ultimate female compliment
Talk like Yoda
Set phasers to roast, i’m hungry
Recession shopping list
It seems like a good idea to have unprotected sex with you since I don’t know you
Is there a keyboard shorcut for being successful
I made you a sandwich instead of giving you foreplay
I like eating humble pie,not because I admitted i was in error but cos I like the taste
Google search is the genius friend I never had
If a picture says a thousand words, why aren’t newspapers picture books
Best way to impress a girl
It’s bad when self worth is equal to the number of Facebook likes
I need a dress that says I want you now but I’m not a total whore
You and me equals best hug ever
Phasers to medium rare
Good films have a beginning, middle end and prequel
Give me booze, video camera, you tube and watch it go viral
Get in the bin
I can’t get my emotional baggage through heathrow
Jobs for professor X
Join the dark side, only £15 per month
Ordinary jobs for wolverine
Tick one please
The interesting end of the doughnut
Tetris sex
Join the dark side and halve your electric bill!
Money Maze
Internet on and off switch
Evolutionary advantage – thumb war
You are so two faced, said the schizophrenic to himself
Bacon is the only reason I get up on the weekday
Hand me the booze, and watch the devastation
Marriage is like having a licence to annoy one person for the rest of their life
Bring me booze, video camera and you tube
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, or the supermodel
Brick approaching your face
Doughnut without the hole
Alien facehugger as hat
Alien facehugger as mop
I just got divorced didn’t you read my facebook status
We fell in love instantly after talking within 140 characters
I just wanted to setup this meeting to tell you how much I dislike this job
I knew she was the one when she re-tweeted all my tweets
Pie chart
Please Banksy stencil on my facebook wall
Battle of the sexes
The best tablet holder ever
You know it’s a recession when a night in is a night out
It was love at first sight,her Facebook profile photo was mesmerising
The worst thing about emails, they waste so many electronic trees!
The problem about being with family
Since its the recession; pound for your thoughts
My productivity always jumps as soon as I leave work!
I use my initiative at work to get the best seats at the bar!
I am a good team player, but can work independently to shit on them if I need to
End of the rainbow
Boob maze
How to be more confident -flow chart
TV pie chart
It’s now or never according to my watch
Shit happens
Social media control pad
How to get spots!
Find the burger
Proper jobs for the x-men
Bloody simple jigsaw
Cannonball meets face
The monster was worried
To do list
The female alien gave me a seductive lip bite
To do list again
To do list – weight
The moment between birth and death
Shy monster
Shopping list
Get inside the box
Film prediction
Exercise formula
Do you like tick boxes
Bum jigsaw
Are you ok tick box
Chess – ultimate, ultimate battle
To do list – culture
Chess – last stand
1TB Floppy drives
Noughts and crosses – infinity game
Chess – ultimate battle
Silent bang
Lightswitch – on and on
Cup and ball game
To do list
Detail is overrated
Attention to detail is not my strong point
Noughts and crosses – the endurance game
A bracelet for my enemies
The worst thing about drawn detail
Using fingernails as shears
Overly detailed to do list
I found the Yeti, Loch-ness monster and a unicorn in my back pocket
Superman becomes the next victim of Jigsaw
I found the loch ness monster he was in my back pocket
What time is it – time to pull yourself together
What time is it again?
Do you like tick boxes
This is a wonderous scene
Another to do list
The smell of your impending doom
The best place to put a secret key
Fear my amazing abs
I made some adamantium mitts for Wolverine
Wolverine’s claws were great for dispensing sticky tape
Diagram showing relationship between big brands and sweat shops
Sod the recession
Happy New Year
How to avoid the post Christmas sales
Super mario before his dramatic change of career
Merry Christmas all
These facehuggers give the best massages
Hugging is banned due to it’s addictive nature
Happy birthday if it isn’t your b-day ignore this
This is an image of a majestic sunset
I hate everything in the universe
Sonic the hedgehog gets clamped
No smiling please
I knew growing my fingernail would be useful
The alien gave me his come hither look
I repaired this drawing but second time round it’s still rubbish
This wind makes me look super sexy
No more happy endings
Once upon a time I finished a story I started
Very precise vommit
Spideman alternative kiss
Death and destruction
I live for the day I can hold you again
I believe in you…
An elegant sounding bang
I believed in something when I was young….
To do list 4
To do list 5
The smell of confidence you need to project
Knee vs elbow
You are not the one sorry
I broke Damien Hirst’s artwork
Silence please
You might be the one, I will just check
I’m eternal I think
It came from the darkest depths and hugged me
I fly by the seat of my pants
Everything has an expiration date
The face hugger was less effective on the back of the head
I made Superman into a high powered sledge
I need reassurance
Just click and drag to the bin
I really don’t want to go back to middle earth please
I managed to put some kryptonite pants on Superman
I attached a noise making machine to wheres wally, he ain’t going anywhere
It has come to my attention
You can try out my noose but only once
I put my heart into this
You will go crazy over me, you cannot fight it!
I have something important to say but I’ve forgotten in all the excitement
The edge of eveything
I’m gonna use my looks to get what I want from you
Abs from heaven
I hope this impresses you as I want a girlfriend
Getting intimate with the necromorph
Celebrate the necromorph
Alternative ending to Twilight
Nelson Mandelas to do list
Turner Prize survey
Destiny wheel, spin it and see you fate
You will be successful but subject to avaliability
Do you love your partner flow chart
Where you are and where you want to be
Neurotics to do list
Dice of life
Wheel of reality 2 give it a spin
3 buttons, 1 choice
Are you good, evil or miscellaneous
Love, hate and non applicable
I found wheres Wally and his wallet
Bloody perfectionist
Insert important message here
On and off button for everything
Dr Who – I found out where Gallifrey is and wrote it down for you
Miley cyrus vs wreaking ball
Select a button and make your choice
Wheel of reality give it a spin
A very very important message
Xavier’s couch was destroyed by wolverine’s nightmare
Are you a good decision maker – use this flow chart
Spiderman suicide
Spiderman’s spidey senses could detect anything
This will try to control you
I love you as much as I hate you
Other uses of the sonic screwdriver
Don’t upset the fading star
Join up the dots
Rude join up the dots
Join up the dots and give your friend a prize
Meringue or turd
Daily grind pie chart
Are you cold
Replacing CEOs
The one thing I learnt from watching the film gravity
Ender Wiggin’s to do list
Come join me in the pod
Batman up yours
Someone actually made the hole into a home
Superman vs lex luthor
Alien vs predator scrap
How are you
Wolverine, thor, iron man and hulk have a fight
I need you to be more on my side
Fundamentals of the human body
Ultimate to do list 2
Ingredients for an epic movie
The Hulks thought process shown in a flow chart
Darth Vadar outsourcing to China
Dramatic book reading
Theres a typcial japanese stereotype climbing out the hole
There’s a tree growing in the hole
It’s fun to play games down the hole
To do list 3
The Hulks to do list
Thor’s hammer was abit fed up
Tactics to sharing a average piece of web content
What time is it?….Time to rock
Odd Facebook friend requests
Living in the hole is not half bad
To do list 2
To do list
Here’s my signature try forging that!
Square with legs
I wiII save these abs for later
Creature from Tremors
Giant hello
Terminator’s last message to Jon Connor
It’s less painful if you don’t resist the blob
Maze of your life
Twitter has grown and so have I
You discarded my heart so easily
Banksy self portrait
Everything I learnt at school
I think I upset wolverine
I think this is yours
Lets leave Wolverine alone hes been through alot
Retweet for a kiss
A big hi to everyone on social media
I can be whatever you want me to be
He really disliked you to the end
I luv u conclusion
Ultimate do to list
Here’s your fresh coffee
Effiel tower
It has come to my attention that I don’t like you
I must admit my feelings for you are not good below average infact
Magic mirror who is the fairest of them all
Alien vs predator vs figure
Or your family gets it
Eventhough the monster is old he will still eat you
It was time to go
Overdoing the drawing
Poor optimus prime
Time machine
Come here for hugs
I made you a tablet
What a beautiful view
Family tree
Zombie up yours
Best joke ever written
I was looking for a way out
I was trapped
It was a tomb
Figure catapult
The fan has hit the shit
Start to end
Light switch
It transcended our comprehension
The inside of the grape fruit without the bitter taste
Something sinister happening here
Someday this will all be yours
Put everything you hate in the hole
Open to interpretation
Key to something important
I must have a hole in my doughnut
I will love you forever
Press the red button to escape
Please take these eyesballs
Fake smile that will make you angry
However I soon got bored
Family tree
Cyborg – up yours
I never noticed my feet
Smell the X for a burst of freshness
Yeti – up yours
It was over there, I saw it!
My story starts here
My hard drive, my life
Rich and proud
What’s the meaning of this?
Life equals
He’s at the top of the mountain
Fish suicide
I knew growing my finger nail would come in useful
I stole a fiver
I’m excited about something
Too cool for school
Beyond your comprehension
I need some private time so I can hug myself
It’s kung fu time
Creature kiss
Dramatic exit
Epic story
My work at the tate
I was trapped until I spotted the opening
Stay for my dancing
Manual for life
I like having time to myself
Give me all your money!
Not everything in life is fair
They will learn to love you
I’II save this for later